3 Quick and easy HAIRSTYLES for medium to long hair!

With the busy lives, we’ve got no time and energy for complicated hairdos. So, here are 3 quick and easy hairstyles for medium to long length hair.

Things you’ll need for these easy hairstyles:

  • Elastic bands
  • Bobby pins


Rose bun:

  1. Take a section of hair from the top and tie it in a pony tail.
  2. Split the pony tail into two sections.
  3. Twist the two sections of the pony tail, around each other like a rope.
  4. Tie it with an elastic rubber band at the bottom.
  5. Wrap it up to make a bun.
  6. Secure the bun and any hair strands left out (if any) with Bobby pins.
Easy hairstyles
Rose bun

Pull through braid:

  1. Take the upper section of your hair and make a pony tail.
  2. Take another almost equal section from below the first, to make another pony tail.
  3. Split the upper pony tail into two equal parts.
  4. Tie the two parts of the upper pony tail, below the second one.
  5. Again split the upper pony tail into.
  6. Add a small section from the right side to the right part, and from the left side to the right part. This is similar to what you do in a french braid.
  7. Tie it below the lower pony tail.
  8. Repeat the steps.
  9. After you are done with your braid, tease the loops slightly. And you’re done!
Pull through braid

Under braid:

  1. For the under braid, take a small section of your hair from the front and make a braid.
  2. Tie it with an elastic rubber band.
  3. Make another braid by taking another equal section from behind the first braid.
  4. Tease out the loops of the braids for adding a little volume.
  5. Pin the braids under your loose hair. And it’s done!
Under braid

Click here to watch the tutorial.

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