Airplane mode: Brazilian netflix movie 2020

Airplane mode

Airplane mode is a Brazilian netflix movie released in 2020. It is the journey of an influencer/city girl stuck in a village forced to live a technology free life.

Genre: Comedy

Directed by: César Rodrigues

Written by: Renato Fagundes; Alice Name-Bomtempo

Airing on: Netflix


Larissa Manoela
André Frambach
Erasmo Carlos
Eike Duarte
Katiuscia Canoro


The movie displays the life of a well known and popular social media influencer Ana (Larissa Manoela). Ana’s day starts and ends on social media. It holds ever moment of her day. She is the face of a brand named ‘true fashion’ and represents their clothes.

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  • 2020
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Her addiction to her phone is intolerable to her parents. When Ana crashes her car while distracted on a phone call, her parents send her to her grumpy grandfather’s home for a digital detox. The detox takes her more close to who she really is and opens up a new perspective to life.

The amazing sense of dressing style in the movie deserves a mention too.


The movie being Brazilian is obviously not in a language I understand which makes it a bit uncomfortable to me personally. The reason being, the english dub doesn’t go in sync with the lip movements. But we should leave that first world problem aside.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to call it a bad movie but the scenes surely are predictable.

I would like to recommend it for the teenage group.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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