Coronavirus lockdown: 5 amazing positive effects around the world!

Positive effects

The Earth is healing! Its breathing again while we stay in our houses. With the lockdown stress & negativity getting to our minds, here are the positive effects of quarantine to overpower the negative aspects.

Why do we need a quarantine /lockdown?

Quarantine is a state of imposed restriction on movement of people and goods to prevent the spread of a disease.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) spreads through air droplets by cough or sneeze of an infected person, or by direct contact with a COVID-19 patient.

It has a high rate of spreading from person to person. With about 80% COVID-19 patients being asymptomatic i.e. they show no symptoms, it is necessary to avoid public contact. This makes staying at home, the prime preventive measure.

A lockdown is a primary step for reducing the spread and mortality rate due to the corona virus.

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Positive effects of Coronavirus lockdown:

Decrease in global carbon emissions

Fall in coal consumption and industrial output has lead to a 18% decrease in carbon emissions from China alone.

The lockdown has avoided tons of carbon emission and thus the pollution.

The other two large carbon emitters, EU and US have also shown a decline.

climatesavemovement on Instagram says, thousands of lives have been saved due to reduced air pollution during coronavirus lockdowns as per research.

Nitrogen dioxide levels fall globally

With the global shutdown, China’s nitrogen dioxide emissions lowered about 40% and UK showed a 60% decrease.

NASA says, nitrogen dioxide levels over major metropolitan areas in USA were about 30% lower in March.

Water clears in Venice’s canals

Venice has been a tourist hotspot since years but the Corona virus lockdown has left it clear of visitors and boat rides.

Pictures have shown how the water has got crystal clear and is now a home to visitors from the ocean itself.

From fish to jelly fish to octopus (a recently spotted visitor), all have been captured in pictures enjoying their freedom.

Ganga water declared fit for drinking

The government has been trying it’s best to clean the Indian holy river Ganga for years but the lockdown has been like a miracle, completing the task in months.

What could not be done after investing loads of money has been done by a lockdown.

On one side, the water has now been declared fit for drinking and on the other, the gangetic dolphins have returned. The dolphins have been spotted in Kolkata waters after about 30 years.

Lockdown let the animals out!

From peacocks on the highway to sighting snow leopards after years in the Himalayas, the fauna is back in its territory.

Here are some of the incidences of the nature finding it’s way back home:

  • Lions nap together on the road in South Africa.
  • Kangaroos hop around on Australian city roads.
  • Mountain goats stroll in Llandudno, Wales.
  • Thousands of flamingos return to Mumbai waters in India.

A letter from the nature to us:

These positive effects of coronavirus lockdown are an eye opening message from the earth to us.

The nature healing while we stay at home is a bold comment saying the earth can survive without us, and in a better state too.

We have been continuously destroying the treasures of nature through over exploitation of natural resources. You may not realize but we have all contributed to the destruction, be it the over use of plastic, improper garbage disposal, deforestation or even the consumption of non vegetarian food items.

The positive effects we see are a take by the nature to preserve itself by locking us (the most harmful species ) all in our homes by means of coronavirus.

The global warming leads to melting of large glaciers which are said to have trapped viruses and other pathogens. This means if we don’t act now with preventive measures, more diseases are about to get unleashed.

As soon as the coronavirus lockdown ends, the world’s going to resume to it’s earlier ways of thriving. This will vanish the positive effects in days.

Thus it is very necessary to figure out alternative measures for our daily habbits contributing to the destruction. This includes minute changes in our lifestyle, like usage of bamboo toothbrushes and eliminating plastic bags.

It’s time that we save ourselves and our home!

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