DIOR SPRING-SUMMER 2021: The fascinating Tarot deck couture is Pure Art!


The Christian Dior spring-summer 2021 collection based on Tarot Deck cards was presented as a film that no one will forget! The collection is based on Christian Dior’s life heavily influenced by his superstitious beliefs and divinatory arts.

Le Chateau Du Tarot or The Tarot Deck collection is designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri for the Spring-Summer of 2021. Maria Grazia Chiuri is an Italian fashion designer who has previously worked with brands Fendi & Valentino, before stepping onto the position of Dior‘s Creative Director in July 2016.

Dior haute couture Spring-summer 2021 film:

The collection was presented as a film directed by Matteo Garrone. It is a portal into the mystical world of tarot cards displaying hand-crafted fashion in its truest form!

Each card represents an arcana. Its a step and a test the character must face to complete the journey. In the film, the protagonist visits a tarot reader to help her find her true self. As she seeks answers, the high priestess card pops up. She walks into the world of tarot cards and catches a glimpse of her masculine energy.

She walks to the justice card where the clown helps her choose the right step for justice.

The clown playfully interacts with the masculine energy and leads it to the hanged man. He is further directed through a door to the temperance. Meanwhile the female energy meets up with the devil card.

The masculine energy is guided to a bath. The feminine energy is taken to the same by the moon card and further by the death card. When both the energies unite, a balance is achieved.

The Story behind the Collection:

The colors of the collection are influenced by 15th Century Visconti-Sforza Decks, featuring reinvented tarot motifs from regular house collaborator Pietro Ruffo.

Pietro Ruffo reinvented Visconti & Merseille tarots, & English tarots with an esoteric dimension and composed them into the form of big Roman Silver Plates. Sketches were then made from cards and turned into fashion.

Visconti were a noble family who ruled Milan for nearly 200 years (1277-1477). The family made a tarot card deck, not for fortune telling but as a status symbol. It was to add prestige to the family name. The age of the deck can be well predicted by the clothes worn by characters in the illustrations.

Christian Dior after a meeting with fortune teller at a fair, was told he wouldn’t be lucky enough but women will turn lucky for you. He started keeping six charms with him everywhere he went. They included a four leaf clover and a piece of wood to touch regularly. His believe in the higher world inspired the collection.

Dior spring-summer collection masterpieces:

THE PROTAGONIST or ‘La Protagonista’ gown:


The technique used for the dress is from 18th century known as ‘La Lacca Povera’. It imitates Chinese Lacquer on furniture using engravings. The method was implied through screen printing and tinting & coloring were done before embroidery, by hand. The elements were thermally bonded and thread pinting was done for the engraving look! The sleeve took seven pieces gathered together.

THE FOOL or ‘La Fou’:


The spirited character is dressed in embroidered top and a tulle skirt with satin & golden gauze shirt.

The card represents spontaneity, freedom and adventure. The journey shapes the charcter.

TEMPERANCE or ‘La Temperance’:

The character is seen in a velvet one-piece dress with Mille Fleurs print, hand painted on a golden base.

Temperance denotes balance, patience and moderation.

DEATH or ‘La Mort’:


It displays a gray long dress with a hood. The skirt is made out of eight pieces. The pleated dress is entirely embroidered with a gold laminette thread in a slightly old gold bordering on silver.

The card is interpreted as new beginnings or often major changes in a person’s life.

THE EMPRESS or ‘L’Imperatrice’:

The character wears a long velvet dress glowing with gold zodiac print. The card represents life’s pleasures and luxuries and having power over life.

JUSTICE or ‘La Justice’:


The long dress is hand-pleated and made out of olive colored silk chiffon. Justice card represents fairness, truth and law.

THE MAGICIAN or ‘La Bateleur’:


The character wears a long coat dress in gray slub silk canvas embroidered with feathers. The magician denotes talents, capabilities and resources needed for success.

THE HANGED MAN or ‘Le Pendu’:

Hanged man

Outfit includes a Rouleaux festooned bodice with jacquard pants. The card represents surrender and sacrifice.

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