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Edelweiss workshop was held at Genesis Institute of  Dental Sciences and Research, Ferozepur, Punjab.

The workshop was organized by the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics on 15 Oct’19. It introduced us to the recent concept in Aesthetic Dentistry.

Source: Cons Endo Gidsr (facebook)

The concept was addressed by Dr. Nikhil Bahuguna who is an internationally acclaimed speaker and is an accredited member of various International and National Aesthetic societies, including the American Society for dental aesthetics. He is the founder of demystifying Smiles, Noida which offers various courses of advanced aesthetics and restorative dentistry.

Source: Cons Endo Gidsr (facebook)

It was such a pleasure to be the part of this workshop and learn about composites and how we can practice aesthetic and functional dentistry. It was fascinating to imagine the location of Edelweiss (clinic) in Austria where Dr. Nikhil often works upon various cases. This fact alone, of working in such a beautiful location makes me dream about working there too.

Dr. Nikhil inspired us in many ways and talked about how we should work for our passion and not just pursue dentistry as a profession. He mentioned that precision, preservation and immunity should be our goals, and that quality of our work should be a priority over the number of patients we treat in a day for becoming a good dentist.

The importance of working with the aid of magnifying loupes and LED headlamps was discussed. Magnifying loupes and LED Headlamps help us to work with precision and eliminate various faults. These not only assist us in treating the patients in a better manner but also help in maintaining good health of our own body while working. With the use of these two things we can maintain a good body posture eliminating the need for frequent bending, and even avoid any kind of stress.

Source: Cons Endo Gidsr (facebook)

It was interesting to discuss various cases ranging from simple looking to total aesthetic change. The fact that dentistry is not just about curing the teeth but plays a crucial role in the maintenance of others parts of the body is captivating. The spine being the foundation of the skeleton, hangs from below the skull and the jaws and any defect in curing the teeth can lead to stress upon it leading to various problems. Even the infections in teeth if not treated properly, can spread to other parts of the body leading to critical conditions. The workshop made us feel proud to be pursuing dentistry.

Students from various others colleges attended the workshop. The CDE programme was followed by a hands-on workshop to demonstrate the new concept.

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