EMILY IN PARIS (2020): How to style impressive Outfits like Emily!

Paris is a dream destination for thousands of us and a delight for travellers & fashion lovers. Emily in Paris is the cherry we needed for the top!

Lily Collins starrer Emily in Paris is a Netflix 2020 series based in the city of Paris. The storyline takes us through aesthetic cafes and countryside sceneries while Emily’s outfits take away all the praise.

Emily’s outfits have definitely taken a stand in the most iconic fashion wardrobes of all times. The well balanced mix of upcoming trends for this winter and the classic Parisian style has got a lot of attention from all over the world.

The stylish behind the looks is Patricia Field, who has also worked for the notable shows The Devil Wears Prada & Sex and the City.

The title of the most popular show to be binge watched, on Netflix in quarantine definitely goes to Emily in Paris. This light hearted story plot displays the struggle of Emily who is a young American Marketing Executive making her place among the french.

Every episode leaves you wanting more looks to satisfy your fashion hungry soul. So, here’s what you can add to your wardrobe or style your basics into a masterpiece.

Emily in Paris OUTFIT STYLING:

• Flowy dresses:

Be it a sleek flowy dress or a frock style one piece, dresses are Emily’s go-to outfits. From casual to parties, Emily in Paris displays the perfect ways one can style a dress.

Emily wears a yellow and black print flowy two peice dress by Ganni while on a hunt for the Parisian chocolate bread. While struggling with her french language skills at the bakery, the lead makes a total statement in yellow. (Episode 1)

• Layering:

Emily in paris

Emily wears a printed buttoned tshirt layered with a white vest and a jacket, while she visits Brooklyn Clark at the hotel. (Episode 7)

The show has left people in awe with the unexpected match of clothing items, serving us amazing looks all through the show!

• Jackets:

Imagine having a jacket for each of your outfits. Yes! Emily has it.

Jackets can be styled as the main element of the whole outfit or as an add on. It’s a great choice for confusing weather that changes from warm to cool in seconds during fall.


Emily wears a brick red jacket while she reads a risky text from Camile.

• Sleek Accessories:

While you choose outfits to make a bold statement, sleek accessories go along like cake and frosting.

Heavy jewelry pieces can steal away the charm of the actual outfit and make it overwhelming and unpleasant to the eye.

Emily wears fishbone mono earrings by APM Monaco, on her way to the florist.

• Statement shoes:

To get Emily’s style you will have to get out of those sport shoes and find some boots that stand out in a crowd!


Emily wears pink heels with socks to her meeting for Champagne branding.

• Out of the box Purses:

Purses when matched perfectly, can level up an outfit in a blink.

Emily in Paris serves us some not so basic purses carried well by the lead.

Emily carries a Faux fur tote bag from zara.

• Mismatched Patterns:

Patricia Field surely knows how to match conflicting patterns.

While pattern on pattern outfits are a risky situation most of the times, Emily will be your inspiration to get those unworn clothes out of your closet.


The lead wears a dress by Dope Tavio designed with mismatched patterns.

• Bright colours:

Winter outfits bring the dull colour palette out into the streets. So wearing bright colours will make you look like a flamingo in the flock of pigeons!

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