MISMATCHED: is it worth the spotlight? (Netflix 2020)


The mismatched Characters, Dimple & Rishi collide shaking up everyone’s life around them. Putting relations & goals in danger, lives get complicated.

The new Netflix (2020) series ‘MISMATCHED’ might be too real to digest!

Mismatched is based on the book ‘When dimple met Rishi’ written by Sandhya Menon. The series was filmed/ based in Jaipur, India.

Mostly sane aka Prajakta Koli is one of India’s top youtubers and is known well for her comedy content. Fans are obsessing over her debut on Netflix with the ‘Ludo’ actor Rohit Saraf.

Genre: Young Adult, Drama

Directed by: Akarsh Khurana, Nipun Dharmadhikari

Written by: Gazal Dhaliwal

Produced by: Ronnie Screwvala

Available on: Netflix

Episodes: 6

Total time: Each episode is average 30-35 minutes long

Seasons: 1

Age rating: 18+

Mismatched CAST:

Mismatched TRAILER:

Mismatched CHARACTERS:

Dimple Ahuja:

Dimple ahuja

An optimistic girl against her mother’s conservative approach. Dimple aspires to make a name in the app-developer community while facing the world with her logical and competitive attitude.

Rishi Singh Shekhawat:


A filmy hopeless romantic stuck in the contemporary world. Rishi fantasies the 60s old school love and his current goal is Dimple. Rishi being a down to earth boy from a rich family isn’t a fan of flaunting his background.

Celina Matthews:


Celina is a reckless teen insecure about her struggles, who tries hard to fit in. She is hard on the outside with a soft core, working to change her lifestyle.

Namrata Bidasaria:

Netflix 2020

A sweet hearted girl on a journey of discovering herself, Namrata is too scared to open her heart to the world.

Anmol Malhotra:


Anmol is a gamer, rude & reckless in the real world. He isn’t afraid to agree on a challenge, where on the other hand his disability infuriates him every now & then.

Harsh Agarwal:


Harsh is a NRI student on a quest to find the perfect WiFi signals. While his carefree attitude dominates his personality, deep down he unknowingly has a soft corner for his family.

Siddharth Sinha:


Siddharth is a straightforward mentor, strict to get the best work from his students.

Zeenat Karim:


Zeenat is a middle aged widow with her newfound freedom. She is all set to learn from the current generation to stay up to date.

Simran Malhotra:


Simran is a social media obsessed girl hiding her insecurities behind her makeup. Pretending to be strong she finds it hard to manage her inner world.

Krish Katyal:


Krish is one among the so called ‘cool squad’. He tries hard to balance his reality and his relationship.

Simple Ahuja:


Simple is Dimple’s conservative mother with the sole purpose of getting her daughter married.

Mismatched REVIEW:

Mismatched is the tale of Dimple and Rishi, two individuals with different purposes in life.

While Dimple wishes to study Java, get a PhD and be an app developer, Rishi is a hopeless romantic in the search for his soulmate.

Dimple’s mom belonging to a mediocre family, fakes having a better lifestyle. Her sole purpose is to turn Dimple into a ‘lady’ and get her married in a well off family.

Complications arise when Dimple and Rishi cross paths and their relations & goals collide. A group of teens balance work and life, while working on their apps for 3 months.

The mismatched set up shakes up everyone’s life around Dimple and Rishi risking goals & relations.


The way of portraying the theme seems fresh and keeps viewers hooked. While the story keeps taking turns, the unexpected ending leaves the viewers off guard.

The series is worth watching but the plot being too real is hard to digest in a go!


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Mismatched season 2:

The ending of Mismatched season 1 left viewers on an unfinished storyline pointing to a likely season 2.

Clear news is still awaited on the next season.

Mismatched wallpaper

Mismatched QUOTES:

Kisse pyaar karein kisse na karein, ye humare haath me kahan hota hai.

Jinki qismat achi hoti hai, unhe wo ek mil jaata hai ‘the meant to be’, jo unhe accept karta hai,

Someone they can show all of their flaws to.


The songs ‘kahan ho tum’ by Prateek Kuhad and ‘Aisa Kyun’ by Anurag Saikia, Raghav and Nikhita are a treat for the Mismatched fans.
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