chhichhore review

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Directed by: Nitesh Tiwari


Chhichhore cast
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“Sache dost wohi hote hai … joh achhe waqt mein aapki bajate hai … aur jab mushkil waqt aata hai toh…..wohi chhichhore aapke darwaze par khade nazar aate hai”


Here comes another college life based movie.. but no stop! It isn’t the typical story line. Mixed with drama, tragedy, romance, pranks and all the college life fun it teaches us some very important life lessons. It opens our eyes to how we get tangled in the stress of succeeding and forget the most important thing to do – enjoy our life!

The story stages lives of a bunch of college students meeting after years upon an unplanned sudden reunion. They recall and cherish their old memories, their fight for removing their tag of losers and most importantly the lessons life taught them.

The movie takes you amidst the magic of college life where strangers become friends and end up forming another family that stands with you lifelong. Friendships of all kinds hold such an important place in those few years. And just as any other story, even this one is incomplete without the college’s dream girl Maya. The moments lived, the pranks played, competitions fought and thousands of special memories stick to you even after those years, to remind you how those years changed you for good.

All the roles are well played and the humor gets you laughing hard. The script is amazing and witty. Varun Sharma as Chucha in Fukrey and now as Sexa in Chhichhore never fails to amuse us with his acting skills giving us yet another fun character to love. Sushant’s role as older Anni is worth applauding.

The only thing we wished more from the movie is a little more and a bit continuous college life with all the different aspects.


I believe this movie is worth watching at least once.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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