Nakuul Mehta starrer BAE CONTROL: Dice Media mini web series

Bae control

Dice Media brings to you India’s first sci-fi rom-com! Nakuul Mehta starrer BAE CONTROL is a mini web series streaming on YouTube.

Nakuul Mehta, a well known TV star is now here to entertain us on YouTube.

Dice media
source: dice media

Genre: Scientific fiction, romantic comedy

Directed by: Bharat Misra

Bae control cast:

  • Nakuul Mehta as Shyam
  • Archana Kavi as Vedika
  • Nishaad Javeri as Dr. Mohini Kumar (relationship counsellor)
Nakuul Mehta
Archana kavi
Nishaad Javeri


Vedika (Archana Kavi) and Shyam (Nakuul Mehta) are a couple with low levels of hope left in their relationship. With the regular fights and clashing choices, Vedika decides and forces Shyam into seeing a counsellor for couples therapy.

Dr. Mohini Kumar (Nishaad Javeri), a relationship counsellor and Vedika’s school senior is left to deal with the couple. After seeing the couple not getting along with each other, the doctor manages to make them drink water with dissolved pills. She then introduces them to an app ‘Bae Control’ through which they can control each other’s emotions by the pills.

Vedika and Shyam can then control each other’s four emotions – love, happiness, anger and confidence. The couple continues the daily doses and manipulate each other’s emotions by the app. They find satisfaction in continuously making each other act against their personal will and thoughts.

Where does this manipulation lead them? Find out in the series.

Do I recommend it?

This web series is a new technological take on relationships and brings to us a new perspective.

It is a very light and hilarious series and yes, I do recommend it!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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