THE SHOOTING STAR –A girl, Her Backpack and the World: BOOK REVIEW

A Shooting star

This is the book review of The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath. The author is an amazing travel blogger, who quit her corporate job at the age of twenty-three to pursue her passion of travelling the world. She commenced on a nomadic journey across the world and experienced various indigenous cultures.

Genre: Travel memoir

Published by: Penguin books

Pages: 201

“And as I lay there, a shooting star darted through the sky, reminding me that any magical feeling in our lives is much like magic in the sky – fleeting”– The Shooting Star


The novel starts with the author’s enthralling experience of getting hallucinated by a drink, made out of a native Amazonian plant in Ecuador. It is followed by some relatable real world issues faced by the author and her rebellion for freedom and venturing out into the unknown. Gradually the novel turns more positive and the author more free spirited.

The experiences narrated are scattered and clubbed in different chapters according to related ideas and feelings. This way of writing feels a bit confusing at the start but you get the point afterwards – of creating a bigger deep picture.

The author uses crisp words and details for beautiful descriptions of moments and settings. The details make it easier to fantasize about the mentioned landscapes, creating a pleasant impact. The novel makes us experience indigenous cultures and takes us along to different parts of the world from Dehradun to Romania and beyond.

To be honest, the eleventh chapter got me teary eyed with the deep thoughts mentioned. Shivya Nath describes her feelings and her memories of being excited about non-vegetarian dishes and then about her decision of going vegan.

I would love to mention, that the pictures of her trips attached are a cherry on top!


Shivya Nath grew up in Dehradun, India. She gave up her home, job and most of her belongings and started living nomadically. She has travelled to over fifty countries, and is the author of one of India’s leading travel blogs. She has been featured on BBC Travel, NDTV, TEDx and several national and international publications. The Shooting star is her first book.


It surely is an amazing treat for the wanderlust souls filled with an immense longing to explore the world in its purest form.

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