the boy who loved

This is the book review of The boy who loved by Durjoy Datta. It is the first part of a duology. This is the story of a sixteen year old Bengali boy, Raghu. He likes to live a simple life with his middle class parents and an elder brother who works in Bangalore. Raghu looks up to studying in an IIT because according to his parents IIT and AIIMS are the only institutes, going where will maintain a high status for their family in the society.

Genre: Fiction, Romance

Published by: Penguin metro reads

Pages: 297

‘The only thing you cannot plan in life is when and whom to fall in love with…’

the boy who loved


The whole story is in the form of diary entries from 1 January 1999 to 24 March 2000, by a Bengali boy Raghu Ganguly. He is a topper and an IIT aspirant but is made to switch schools after the death of his closest friend. His parents want him to make new friends but the last thing he wants is to get attached to someone again. The guilt of letting his friend drown in the school’s swimming pool haunts him every now and then.

He finds negativity in every single thing and has suicidal tendencies, but always unconsciously finds little reasons to live more. His research for tallest buildings in his vicinity to jump off from continues throughout the story.

Raghu tries his hardest to stay away from love and friendships but somehow finds himself catching feelings for his classmate Brahmi Sharma. Brahmi is a competition for Raghu in studies and is very different from everyone else around. She has some dark secrets she doesn’t tell anyone which keep Raghu curious.

On the other side, Raghu has a crazy family with parents who practice religion and caste discrimination. Raghu keeps facing difficult emotional situations due to the decisions his parents and his brother makes. Even love throws him into tough situations.


Durjoy Datta was born in New Delhi, and completed his degree in engineering and business management before starting his writing career. He has written various successful novels including Of Course I Love You, Hold My Hand and The Girl of My Dreams. He is one of the highest selling authors in India. Durjoy also has to his credit nine television shows and has written over a thousand episodes for television.

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To be honest, the start did feel boring due to the depression shown and the political and religion centered views but this not a typical love story and the latter half keeps you interested till the end. The ending is not what you’ll anticipate and keeps you wondering on what happened after that.

I’d definitely recommend trying this, for people fond of romantic novels.

Would I read it again? Nope.            

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