The Christmas Chronicles 2: saving the Christmas spirit (Netflix 2020)

The Christmas chronicles 2

The Christmas chronicles 2: The family vacation at a resort for Christmas is interrupted when Kate and Jack end up in north pole through a magical wormhole.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn hop into Mr. & Mrs. Claus’s shoes to bring the second part to The Christmas Chronicles.

Genre: fantasy

Directed by: Chris Columbus

Written by: Matt Lieberman and Chris Columbus

Based on characters by: Matt Lieberman & David Guggenhein

Produced by: Chris Columbus, Mark Radcliffe, Michael Barnathan

Available on: Netflix

Age rating: 7+

The Christmas Chronicles 2 CAST:

The Christmas Chronicles 2 TRAILER:


Santa Claus:

Santa Claus

Santa Claus/Saint Nicolas is the father of Christmas who preaches the act of giving and spreading happiness. Every year he is believed to drop presents to children all over the world.

Mrs. Claus:

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus is Santa’s wife and the designer behind Santa’s workshop. She loves to cook innovative food recipes and takes care of everyone in the village.

Kate Pierce:


Kate is a true believer of Christmas magic and has tough time moving on fromher father’s death.



Jack is Bob’s son who is phobic of getting his health in danger due to his vast list of allergies. He is a curious boy who loves being with his father.



Belsnickel was formerly an elf working in Santa’s village. He grew close to Mr. & Mrs. Claus but turned into a human after adopting a mischievous behaviour.


Claire decides to move on after her husband’s death and try a fresh start with Bob. Unhappy with the idea, Kate tries to run away but ends up at the north pole with Jack (Bob’s son).

The Christmas chronicles

Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus rescue the kids and make them feel at home. When Christmas gets in danger after Belsnickel steals the Christmas Star, Kate and Jack help save the occassion.

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The Christmas Chronicles 2 STORY PLOT:


Belsnickel who was formerly an elf, sets up a plan to take revenge from Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

Claire brings Kate and Teddy to Cancun, Mexico for Christmas. They are accompanied by Claire’s boyfriend Bob and his son Jack.

Scared on the idea of Bob and claire possibly getting married, Kate decides to run away. Jack follows Kate out of curiosity and they both end up in the north pole when Belsnickel drives them into a magical wormhole.


When Santa spots Kate in the snow, he rescues both the kids and takes them to Mrs. Claus. Kate and Jack are thrilled to see Santa’s village and Mrs. Claus gives them a tour of Santa’s workshop.

Mrs. Claus puts both kids to sleep after reading them the Christmas chronicles about the Christmas star and Belsnickel. While everyone falls asleep, Belsnickle Carrie’s out his plan. He orders the yule cat to control the reindeers and Jojo leaves to poison the elves with elf bane. As Belsnickel reaches for the star, the yule cat injures Dasher in a fight.

Mrs. Claur and Santa are woken up by the sound of cannons and rush to the stable after Hugg tells them about Dasher. Kate and Jack follow then to the stable while all the elves turn mischievous due to the poison.

The Christmas chronicles

Belsnickel takes away the Christmas star and Santa Claus runs to catch him. After a fight over the star the star break down, leaving the village in darkness. Belsnickel flees away after dooming Christmas.

Mrs. Claus treats wounded Dasher and sends Jack on the hunt for the cure of elf bane. Kate leaves with Santa to remake the star. Kate and Santa reach the elf village in Turkey where the star was made 500 years ago. Hakka (elf) helps Santa remake the star.

Elf bane

Jack faces the yule Cat on his way to the medicinal plant and takes help from the magical cookies Mrs. Claus gave him. Belsnickel chases Santa and Kate on their way back to the village. Their collision drops Santa and Kate in the past to Boston 1990 when Boston had the lowest Christmas spirit. The Reindeers get exhausted due to the low spirit and land down at the airport.

Santa plans to raise the spirit at the airport while Kate buys batteries for the time travel machine. Kate is caught for using fake money and is taken to the security room, where she meets her dad when he was young. Santa raises the Christmas spirit by getting everyone to jam on songs & they leave after Kate says goodbye to Doug (her father).


Mrs. Claus arms Jake with equipment to go and pour the cure for elf bane into the cannons. Santa & Kate use the time portal and reach the present to snatch the star from Belsnickel. Kate puts back the star, while Jack cures the elves.

Touched by how Mr. & Mrs. Claus still had his first toy safe, Belsnickel realizes his mistakes and is transformed back to an elf. Santa takes back Kate and Jack to Cancun surprising Teddy.


The Christmas Chronicles 2 ends when the whole family gets together after Kate approves of Bob.


It is a jolly christmas movie to watch with kids and family. The story is different from the former part and keeps viewers interested.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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