Debby Ryan in INSATIABLE season 1&2 on Netflix: the craziest revenge story!

Insatiable netflix

Debby Ryan is Patty Bladell, an aspiring pageant queen with dark secrets in Insatiable season 1 & season 2 on Netflix. Patty decides on taking revenge while she steps into the pageant world!

Genre: Dark comedy, drama, thriller

Creator: Lauren Gussis

Composer: Julian Wass

Available on: Netflix

Seasons: 2 (cancelled after 2 seasons: read below)

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Insatiable SEASON 1 REVIEW:

Insatiable (Netflix) revolves around Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan), often teased as ‘fatty patty’. She is a high school girl with a life like a nightmare. Patty is bullied and made fun of, all because of her weight. She struggles against body shaming and ends up forming a stagnant image of herself being ‘unacceptable’ to society.

While other high school teens enjoy their social lives, Patty spends her time with her best friend Nonnie Thompson (Kimmy Shields).

Insatiable season 1 starts when Bob Armstrong, a lawyer and a passionate pageant coach meets Patty Bladell (played by Debby Ryan).

Patty’s life changes drastically when she ends up in a fight with a homeless man outside a departmental store. She recovers from a jaw injury caused by the fight. After being on a liquid diet for months, the change in her diet causes a dramatic loss of weight and brings her into everyone’s attention.

Patty getting restarted as a whole new person, can now choose to be any one of the high school groups, but she decides upon revenge. She starts hurting everyone who did bad to her to get them into her shoes. Patty’s thirst for revenge soon becomes insatiable.

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On the other side, Bob Armstrong needs Patty’s help, to get back into following his passion of pageant coaching. Bob gives Patty Bladell a makeover and gets her to step into the pageant world.

‘Fatty Patty’ turned ‘skinny Patty’ sets her eye on the crown and can do everything it takes, to get acceptance from the public. Bob soon finds her to be out of his control!

“Winners win. Period!”

Insatiable SEASON 1 TRAILER:

Insatiable SEASON 2 REVIEW:

Insatiable’s (Netflix) Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan) is not a typical pageant queen. She’s definitely not the perfect role model that everyone thinks she could be.

While Patty discovers herself, she wishes she could change some things about her but can’t. Brick Armstrong (Bob’s son) thinks Patty is the most amazing girl he’s ever met but Bob has different views. Where every other person thinks she has a great life, Patty knows it’s a total mess! Well, she’s a murder suspect too.

Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts) her pageant coach and attorney knows all her secrets. He tries hard to remind Patty that she should leave all the drama behind, and not let her past drag her down.

Patty decides to take control over her life and focus on her future. She finds it difficult to ger the dark thoughts of death and destruction out of her mind.

While everyone else struggles with their personal issues, Patty is on a whole different level of insanity!

Insatiable SEASON 2 TRAILER:


It definitely is Netflix’s craziest revenge story! The web series is well written and takes on a different possible perspective of teenage drama.

Debby Ryan starrer Insatiable season 1&2 makes you go “WOAH!” every other minute.

The show has faced backlash due to the display of body shaming and could be triggering for some.

Putting aside the negative aspect, I do recommend it!

I feel like I could go hours talking about this show.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Insatiable cancelled by Netflix after season 2:

Insatiable (Netflix) starting Debby Ryan as Patty Bladell was cancelled for further premieres due to the backlash faced by the series. The reason being the unintentional triggering showcase of body shaming. Patty Bladell the lead goes through a lot of bullying and teasing due to her weight. When after a fight and the recovery, Patty finds herself a lot skinnier than before she decides on taking revenge against everyone who bullied her.

The dark comedy might not be for everyone to watch as it could be triggering and thus was cancelled by Netflix after 2 seasons.

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