JAI MUMMY DI (2020): love amid a feud || exciting or silly?

Jai mummy di

Jai mummy di (2020) plot: While loves blooms and the couple decides to get married, their biggest obstacle is the old feud between their mothers.

The couple sets off on a journey to unfold the secrets between their mothers.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Directed by: Navjot Gulati

Based in: Delhi

Available on: Netflix

Jai mummy di CAST:



Saanjh Bhalla

Saanjh Bhalla (Sonnalli Seygall) is daughter of Pinky Bhalla (Gabbar). She is a straightforward and bold girl who likes things to be her way. Saanjh is brilliant at academics and labels herself as ‘the best’.


Puneet khanna

Puneet Khanna (Sunny Singh) is the son of Laali Khanna (Mogambo). He has a recessive personality and obeys everything said by his mother and Saanjh.


Laali Khanna
Pinky Bhalla

Mogambo & Gabbar (as labelled by their children) are old rivals. They compete on everything, be it dresses or their marriages but have a lot common in their personalities. Laali (Supriya Pathak) and Pinky (Poonam Dhillon) both care about what people think about them and try hard to maintain a high status.


Vineet Khanna

He is the younger sibling of the Khanna family. Vineet is always found hoovering around his elder brother Puneet, to have a spoonful of gossips.


Jai mummy di

Both the fathers fear their wives and agree with whatever they decide. They dread trying to find out about the old feud.


Jai mummy di (2020) is based on how mothers are considered as a form of God but when two desi moms clash, there’s nothing that can stop them.

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Laali Khanna (Supriya Pathak) and Pinky Bhalla (Poonam Dhillon) are old enemies due to a mysterious feud. They continue to compete with each other on things as simple as clothes and shower each other with harsh words.

Their kids, Puneet Khanna (Sunny Singh) and Saanjh Bhalla (Sonalli Seygall) take the fight legacy upon themselves as they try to bring each other down for their mothers’ satisfaction. Puneet and Saanjh fall in love and keep it a secret from their families.

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After they finally decide to get married, the biggest obstacle is telling their mothers about their relationship and getting them to agree upon the marriage.

The complications start as their mother fix their marriages to different people. Fearing their mothers, the couple brings their fathers together for help. While they all try to find out a possible way, Puneet and Saanjh set off to find about the mystery behind the old fight.


While the plot isn’t predictable, it is unable to keep us interested. The climax seems silly and makes the whole story go in vain.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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