THE HALF OF IT (Netflix 2020): strong take on a love triangle

The half of it

The half of it (Netflix 2020) portrays how we find our soul mates. It is a love triangle where Ellie and Paul fall for the same girl, and the journey of accepting their true selves.

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Alice Wu

The half of it CAST:

The half of it CHARACTERS:

Ellie Chu


She is a young girl in her teen years. She’s 17 and is a Brilliant student and essay writer. Ellie has a reserved and tomboyish outlook. She doesn’t feel very comfortable interacting with new people, thus an introvert.

Paul Munsky


He is a jock and is not so good with getting someone’s attention. Paul is not very good at writing or talking to someone and easily gets nervous around people. He is a helpful and kind companion who can be relied upon.

Aster Flores


She is the prettiest girl in her class who every girl is jealous of. Aster tries hard to be authentic but is dragged into being normal by the people who surround her. She loves poetry and art. She wishes to find someone who understands her and brings out her real unique self.

Edwin Chu

Father to Ellie Chu, Edwin is always wanting the best for her daughter. He wishes to see her daughter happy, knowing she is the only close one she has and vice versa. Edwin has a love for classic old movies and delicious food.

Trig Carson

He is Ellie’s classmate and the most popular guy in school. He only wishes to seek attention and more out of the popularity.


The half of it (Netflix 2020) is the story about Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis), a nerd who is made fun of. She is good at academics and English essay writing. Ellie lives with her dad in Squahamish which is a small town. She runs a little business in her class, of writing essays for people and gets paid for it.

Ellie never though she needed someone until her journey takes a turn. She meets up with Paul on her way back home. Paul pleads her to write a love letter on his behalf, to express his love for Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire) in the best words possible.

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The work meant to be for one letter continues till several letters are exchanged between Paul and Aster. Meanwhile Ellie teaches Paul for how he must converse and behave in front of Aster. Paul likes Aster only for how pretty and smart she is; the adjectives everyone labels her with. But Ellie has more to say.

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Each of the three pretend to be someone else while they find amazing companions in each other who understand them on a deeper level. Ellie and Paul both realize that they are falling for the same girl.

The three embark on a journey to find and understand their true love, and accept themselves and their realities.

The half of it QUOTES:

“In love, one always starts by deceiving oneself…and ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance” – Oscar Wilde

“HELL is other people”

“Love is messy and horrible and selfish…and bold” – Ellie chu


This is definitely a different perspective about a love triangle. The thought of accepting one’s true self is well portrayed. Yet, I think there could have been more to the movie.

It’s a very light movie. Yes, I do recommend it.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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