TIE AND DYE MARBLE TAPESTRY : with ice in 6 easy steps!

Tie and dye

Tie and dye with ice is a very simple yet exciting method for creating statement pieces!

Ready made tapesteries can be very expensive, and finding one with a marble effect can be a difficult task. So, here are 6 simple steps to make it on your own:



  • White cloth
  • A stand for keeping the cloth
  • A tray or container for collecting water
  • Dye (powder/liquid) – in your choice of colour


  • Marble
  1. Take a white cloth and soak it in some water. I used a cotton cloth which was about 1-1.5 metres.
  2. Arrange the cloth on a stand which can drain the excess water down in the container.
  3. Lay ice cubes on top of the cloth.
  4. Use the light coloured dye first. Start dripping the dye on the ice carefully. Avoid pouring a huge amount of dye together in a single area to prevent a splotch. I had powder dye, so I mixed it in decent amount of water before hand.
  5. Add the darker colour of dye. I used blue dye first and then the black dye.
  6. Leave the setup undisturbed till all the ice melts.
  7. After the ice has melted, squeeze out extra water from the cloth. Dry the cloth and iron it. And you are ready with you masterpiece!

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click here for the video!

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