WHAT ARE THE ODDS?: Dialogues & extraordinary Characters you need to see, Review, Cast (Netflix 2020)

What are the odds? (Netflix 2020) is an uncanny yet simple and enjoyable Indian movie. The focal point is the dialogues you need to hear & the characters you need to see!

Genre: drama

Directed by: Megha Ramaswamy

Available on: Netflix

Based in: Mumbai, India

What are the odds? CAST:

What are the odds? CHARACTERS:



Vivek is a high school girl. Yes, a girl! Just as odd as everything else in the story, She’s been given a boy name. Vivek hates the obvious ways of living a life and wishes for something exceptional. She is not fond of going to school and prefers to remain invisible in a crowd. Vivek has a passion for music and song writing.



Ashwin us the school head boy who takes his academics seriously but is always ready for some fun. He tries his best to mend everything he spoils. Ashwin has a soft spot for Paloma.



Vivek’s grandmother suffers from Alzheimer’s and treats every other boy as her long gone son. She is a very lovely person and a best friend to Rimpu.



Rimpu is Vivek’s grandma’s bestfriend and part of a group, for performing arts by elderly. He cares for Daadi and her smile is very important to him.



Paloma is another odd person who runs a workshop on making people do various random things. She is inscrutable and has a special relation with Ashwin.



Val is the lead singer of a band and has an irreplaceable place in Vivek’s heart. He sees the artist in Vivek.

What are the odds? DIALOGUES:

  • Rimpu and Daadi are best friends.

“What? Can’t a young man and a young grandma be friends?”

What are the odds
  • This bar without a manager is named “Bar Bar”.

“Sir, this place is so nice…they call it twice. Bar, Bar”

  • Vivek is one of her kind.

“I’m not the most social person”

“You mean social butterfly?”

“I’m more of a social…raccoon. I like to keep it to myself, most of the time.”

Netflix 2020
  • Vivek resembles Oscar Wilde.

“Your father?”

“That’s Oscar Wilde.”

“You look like him”

  • Ashwin and Vivek found magic!

There’s magic in all of us.

We just need to find it.

  • Out of the fishbowl.

Crawl out of your mind’s fishbowl.

The world is not as bad as it seems.

  • What are the odds?

If something strange happens with you someday,

Let it happen.

Who knows it might seem wonderful later!

What are the odds?

What are the odds?


What are the odds? (Netflix 2020) is the story about a day full of odd adventures and possibilities in the lives of two high school students.

Vivek, an odd and introverted girl meets Ashwin who is the school head boy. After meeting, they go through a series of adventures and spend the day together. Both Ashwin and Vivek find a friend in each other and explore portions of their individual lives.

Vivek thinks she is a kind of girl no one will ever want to hangout with but the day has something else to tell her.

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By the title ‘What are the odds?‘ itself, it is obvious that the movie has unimaginable circumstances and odd characters. But everything binds together very well.

What are the odds? is certainly one of the movies that give you a different perspective to life.

I do recommend this light comedy and drama film.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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